Re: Army Is Enemy Of Development, Peace And Freedom, Fmr. Costa Rica...

Rodolphe - December 7 2011, 9:19 PM

The Costarican President is right about local peace and freedom.

When the army is used to police
the people it is expected to protect.

However, when the people is threatened in any way, if there
is no army to protect it. It has to for .milicias.

Often unorganized weak
and hungry for lack of preparation.

If the Constitution provides in separateness from army to police.

Especially in disciplinary penalty for enfringement.

Internal peace might be guaranteed.

New Commission for Haitian military force Appointed by Michel Martelly

President Michel Martelly is moving toward the next step in attempting to fulfill his promise to bring the Haitian Military back. On Tuesday, December 6, 2011 he appointed a commission of six members to evaluate the feasibility for the

The objective given to the Commission for Haitian military force is to focus on four areas: size of the new military force, finding sources and specific mission.

The group is to cunsult with various sectors of the Haitian society including religious, business, professional an political organizations.

The commission has 40 days to complete their research and submit a report to the government.

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