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Re: It's Official, Haiti Is In Fact The Poorest Country In The World

It's ought to be, since the law refuses to prosecute those who rob our country blind. What's worse, they want to make a Senator out of the last one who became multimillionaire at... more »

Re: Struggle Against High Prices, Haitian Government Ordered 300.000...

Si ce n'est là ume ridicule aberration. L'Artibonite pourrait desservir Haïti en son entier et nous laisser des réserves. Mais au lieu d'encourager la culture de... more »

Re: We Are In Trouble Again As New Storm Leslie Has Eye On Haiti

Lesly sets eyes on Haiti? Are Jou sure? What are the prospects? Are we more ready than before? We just lost 19 we're still flooded. Did we do anything to fence (parer) How? In... more »

Re: Haitian Passengers Feel American Airlines Exhibit Patterns Of...

You are right about the disrespect from American A/L. In 1974, I was going to NYC from Port-au-Prince, when a stewardess went over a Haitian lady to pick a container with chicken... more »

RE: comment on wording re Marc Elias

Thanks for the correction. I really appreciate your input more »

Re: Army Is Enemy Of Development, Peace And Freedom, Fmr. Costa Rica...

The Costarican President is right about local peace and freedom. When the army is used to police the people it is expected to protect. However, when the people is threatened in... more »

Re: Michel Martelly Should Ask For Forgiveness To End Affair Arnel...

If Michel Martelli is responsible for this Deputy of the people being a fugitive of the Law. Being stupid enough to go end confront any relative of the President, in view of our... more »

Re: Outside Influence On Haiti. Who Is Looking Out For Haiti - Video


Re: How Haiti Can Make Good Use Of All These Former Presidents

There is one good thing that could be done about past Presidents: Prevent them from going into exile. The temptation of stealing Haitian money would thereby be erased. more »

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