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Jojo - January 19 2012, 4:25 PM

No, I don't see the matter in the way that you see it. I am not for the senator to do all of that because the country needs someone who can help citizens to be guaranted a better life. I am sure that Presendent Martelly can do that job if the International Community does not put any obstacle for that.
What Senator Jean Charles is doing results to his duty as a Haitian senator.

However, he does not use the right method for doing that. Claiming that the president and other cabinet members have another nationality is not difamation because it can be true or not true. It is the responsibility of the parliament to investigate that matter and bring light to the public.

If the president holds a foreign nationality, he will resign.

If not, Senator Jean Charles should stop his campaign and give a chance to the government to move on. He cannot be persued for his claim because the constitution gives him power to investigate any government member that is suspected in wrong doing.

I wish no one in the government including the president holds a foreign nationality because that will be a disater to have the president to resign so early if the Seantor Jean Charles' claim is true.
It is time to ammend the constitution and allow Haitian citizens of all background to have acces at any political level in the country.

With an ammendment of the constitution about the matter of double nationality, there will be no issue about holding a government responsibily even holding foreign nationality and Senator Jean Charles will have other job to do instead of preaching those crops.

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