Re: Is President Michel Martelly A Haitian, American Or An Italian?

Kapoi La Mort - January 25 2012, 7:29 PM

Don't forget what happened a few years ago. to be more precise, about seven years ago. The righful Haitian was kidnapped and send to exile.

I remember many people at the time were celebrating.

He was called a dictator.

Please tell me now what we have in Haiti, the Duvalierists trying to get back to power in Haiti by any mean necessary.

This includes hiding their foreign passport

Map Gade bel Jwet. Bay Kou Blie, Pote Mak Sonje

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Is President Michel Martelly a Haitian, American or an Italian?

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Capoi lamort,I will never forget 2004 in Gonaives...

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