RE: U.S. Ambassador To Haiti, Kenneth Merten Is Out And Pamela Ann White...

Monel - January 25 2012, 7:13 PM

Gina, there is no way for the commission making bolony, they have too much people who concerned about the nationality of martely-Conille's government.

Don't worry my dear, nothing wrong not gonna be happened;Martely has one chance, if he shows his green card, otherwise his head gonna be cut off,"plat sou bouda li "no compromise or compromission in that case, you american or italian get the fu'ck alley here, we don't need any foreign citizen lead this country that papa dessalines left for us.
Pou ki sa Martely pa vle voye dokiman vwayaj li bay komisyon-an.seke li gen yon bagay lap kache.vle pa vle, verite-a pa ka kache anko, maklouklou-a gen pou li pete.

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I have a question. The US ambassy in port-au-Prince...

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U.S. Ambassador to Haiti, Kenneth Merten is out and Pamela Ann White is in

In a move that seems shocking and unpredictable, President Barack Obama has nominated Ambassador Pamela Ann White, a career diplomat to replace the...

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