RE: President Michel Martell Talked About Passport At Airport Before...

Monel - February 6 2012, 4:28 PM

F.Dujour, I really appreciate your kindness the way you reply me, I think you are a respectful person, people could make debate with you.I believe you that Michel Martely gonna published all travel's documens he got, that everybody impatience to wait for, may be it gonna be good for him, if he brougth the light on.
Otherwise, we are not gonna accepted anyone who got another nationality lead this country.take care we talk soon.

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Hey best friend, first of all i really like your...

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President Michel Martell talked about passport at Airport before leaving on official visit

President Michel Martelly held a news conference on Friday, February 3rd, before leaving for an official visit. In the news conference, he discussed...

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