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Bruno D. - February 9 2012, 6:10 AM

No matter what you think, we need the presence of a Military force in Haiti.

The only reason Haiti has been dealing with insecurity, violence, political instability is because we do not have a Military force.

There are some people in Haiti who have only one objective, to destroy anything constructive

How do you think you can deal with those dark forces.

They need a force just like them capable of stopping them.

Haiti is not ready for Democracy.

We need a Strong Man but a Nationalist who loves his country and wants to improve the lives of the people.

The Duvalier regime did not have a chance because the forces against him were too strong.

However, Martelly can learn from many past governments and make sure that he does not repeat the same mistakes.

However, if Michel Martelly thinks he will be able to govern a country like Haiti by trying to get everyone on board, he will not succeed

Sometimes, He has to pull his pants down, sometimes, he has to "Antre na manman Yo" and sometime the situation requires some severe punishment

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I definitely agree with this person. It's true no man...

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