The Haitian Military is Back as Forces Arme D'Haiti occupied Camp Lamantin 54

History is repeating itself. After many years of retreat or inactivity, The Haitian Military, known as Forces Armees D'Haiti (FADH)has been self re-established. Several facilities that were left vacated by the disbanded Forces Armees D' Haiti have been taken over by the new force. So far the central location where the new Military force is conducting military activities is Camp Lamantin 54.


"Mezanmi, Talon Kikite Retounin Anko"

According to one of the members of the new Military force who was giving an interview on Radio Caraibes FM this week, they Haitian Constitution stated clearly the right to have A Haitian Military force in Haiti.

One spokesperson for the new force also stated that they do not have any problem with the The Haitian Police and will work with them.

They stated they are armed and in function.


How will the new Forces Armees D' Haiti work with the presence of MINUSTAH?

Who gave them the authority to enter in function?

Shouldn't the government give explanation to the Haitian population?

Why such a silence?

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Neg Les Cayes says...

The Haitian Military don't need no authority from any body to regroup or reform.

They are proctcter under the constitution.

Who gave Aristide the authority to disband the

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Janette says...

I never thought Haiti had enemies..i guess the army is now ready for so pissed..this is a shame...this army BS is protection for the government against the people...well I really cant blame the so called government, the people chose their NOTORIOUS with it....Im gonna miss

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Tigito says...

What is the purpose of this military?

I just looked up the term "Military" on Wikipedia and here's what I got "A military is an organization authorized by its greater society to use lethal force, usually including use of weapons, in defending its country by combating actual or perceived threats.


As far as I'm concerned, the only threat to Haiti is poverty, corruption and leaders or lack thereof.

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Monel says...

who cares for this para-military forces that the picture had been shown, those guys you seen in that picture look like some singglendo kidnapper who nothing with the haitian's army, that known by haitian constitution.

those guys are making mistakes, they have to remember the way Ravis Remissaint, grenn sonnen aand others were dead on the transition's government lead by former prime minister Gerard Latortue after the kidnapping of Aristide.

I think those in a matter of days those "atache"gonna passed the same way with RAVIX and GRENN SONNEN.

because the united nations forces and the haitian police not goona let those guys meke panic in the population,
si wap gade visaj neg yo nan foto ki poste-a, yo sanble yon paket kidnape hi pran kek sitwayen an otag, se menn neg sa kap tiye polis, kap vole ak tout ensekirite kap toumante peyi-a.
Mwen panse neg ak de men yo, kek grenn zam yo genyen po yo lage latroublay nan peyi-a, si martely pa arete neg sa yo, nan jou kap vini la yo, pep la ak tout oganizasyon popile yo ap mache pran

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H. Steinberg says...

Haiti, a small country but it it is a place where only big politic is on the menue.

The funny thing is that common Haitians will never know the real forces or players in the Haiti game.

I have been following Haiti politic for quite a while now, It is very interesting.

Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphe.

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Elsie says...

I definitely agree with this person.

It's true no man country can not run without some force of military.

However, as the person stated before we learned from our past mistake to make things work. Any country can have military force but, with regards of respect of the laws, the people as well as established order for the people.

NO Abuse Of Power THIS IS WHAT THE MILITARY needed to

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H. Steinberg says...

That has been the problem of Haiti.

The contry suffers from been overloved.

Haiti is so loved and so protected by his citizens that even when the country is dying, no one can see it. It is just like when you have a child you love very much, you become incapable of seing the truth.

You always think that your child is the best in everything, although everyone eles is laughting about that child.

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Bruno D. says...

No matter what you think, we need the presence of a Military force in Haiti.

The only reason Haiti has been dealing with insecurity, violence, political instability is because we do not have a Military force.

There are some people in Haiti who have only one objective, to destroy anything constructive

How do you think you can deal with those dark forces.

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