RE: Haiti Truck Accident In Morne Tapion, At Least 27 People Dead And 40...

Harold Rocourt - April 9 2012, 11:32 PM

In Haiti, now, can we talk about democratic State, or anarchist State.

Let's forget for one moment the policic which is on radio, TV, newspapers everyday, and let's think for one moment, about LIFE. If nobody needs a driver's license to drive a car,, a special license to drive a heavy truck and there is no place to inspect the condition of these vehicules and the qualification of the one who is driving, what meant Police National?

We are under occupation:Do those strangers care about a haitian life> Haitians themselves, do they care????.

So, where are we going!!!

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Haiti truck accident in Morne Tapion, at least 27 people dead and 40 others injured

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