Dominican president Danilo Medina threatens Haiti

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Rame Janvier says...

The Ban remain and Haiti ministries of Commerce and Industry and Agriculture, inform Haitian consumers and users at the Haitian-Dominican border that the importation and sale of... more »

Nadia Fostin says...

I heard that a travel association in the Dominican Republic has canceled a meeting with Haiti's tourism minister in sign of protestation Yes there is avian flu in the Dominican... more »

Jean Jean-jacques says...

Dominicans are saying that there is not an outbreak of avian flu and as a consequence, there is no reason for imposing a ban this week on the import of Dominican meats, chicken... more »

Johnson Telusma says...

In an article reported in DominicanToday.Com it has been quoted that Haiti's former General Consul in DR affirmed that Dominican Republic didn't pledge money in cash for Haiti... more »

Teacher Normil says...

Did you hear that the Dominicans are saying it is not avian flu. The Dominican Republic sells 25 million eggs and 8 million chickens a year to Haiti. Why couldn't Haiti produce... more »

Lucius Pierre says...

The Dominican Republic Gorvernment has reacted aginst the idea that said "drastic measures", according to a member of the government, the president didn't say that he would take... more »

Ricclavie says...

Haitian's media must inform both nations about the situation, and the haitian's intelligence in DR must be active to the ultimate duty: ears, eyes, noises wide open and reporting... more »

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