Re: Jude Celestin Is Expected To Withdraw From Race On Wednesday

Kok Kreyol - January 25 2011, 7:19 PM

Please stay calm. Open your eyes and your mind to understand what is really happen.

Remember nothing can happen in Haiti without the american aprouval.

Dont be naive and keep watching to understand the picture.

If you want to know what I'm refering to just go to youtube and watch the videos of the "economic hit man with John Perkins" Even Preval is not acting on his own. Duvalier wasn't neither Aristide, Cedras, Avril, Namphy, Guy Pillip, Toto Constant etc...

If Jude celestin is out it's not because of the americans.

If preval was backing off jude celestin it is without doubt because it was told to do so. Now that the american have assisted at the people's demonstrations and the world opinions about the election they want to change their strategy to always hold haitian government on the neck to always keep the contry in corruption and poverty.

The question is to identify their moves and go against them. They need to know that now that we know we will fight to take Haiti away from the deadly path that they carefully designed

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