Jude Celestin is expected to withdraw from Race on Wednesday

The "Haitian Joudalist" just learned that Candidate Jude Celestin will withdraw from the Presidential race in Haiti this this Wednesday. Senator Jean-Charles reported that the official announcement of the withdraws will take place Wednesday, January 26, 2011.


The Haitian authority has been criticized for the way the 2010 election was handled. The United States is in support of the OAS recommendation, which is to drop Candidate Jude Celestin from the race in Favor of Michele Martelly to go to a runoff with Mirlande Manigat. The U.S. government recently revoked the Visas of some government officials. According to U.S. officials, they are in favor of
free and fair election in Haiti

Then, what's next?

Will the decision be accepted by every one?

How about those who have been calling for the annulations of the election, will they be satisfied now?

Will the Revoked Visas be reinstated?

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Efren says...

I will ctinonue to pray for Haiti.

God can do mighty wonders! I feel like if they had something to offer America..

(OIL) we would be fighting for them..sad but

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Kok Kreyol says...

Please stay calm. Open your eyes and your mind to understand what is really happen.

Remember nothing can happen in Haiti without the american aprouval.

Dont be naive and keep watching to understand the picture.

If you want to know what I'm refering to just go to youtube and watch the videos of the "economic hit man with John Perkins" Even Preval is not acting on his own. Duvalier wasn't neither Aristide, Cedras, Avril, Namphy, Guy Pillip, Toto Constant etc...

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Pierre-m Antoine says...

this what they call corruption by the US, CANAD,FRANCE, they try and no one can use ourself to sell haiti we need to make sure other country don't tell us what to do like the same time the cause the problem.

we had.as you see when they can get away with it now we learn some visas will not give until they get what they

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Nason F. says...

Now that Jude will announce that he is out, the real fight will take place.

I want Mirlande Manigat to win because she is the most qualified candidate.

Micky should go back and play his

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Magarette says...

Jude Celestin should have been out a long time ago. The truth is that he does not contest it becaause he know that was a game being played by Preval.

I think it is a good decision for Jude to leave and stay with his head

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Rodrigue says...

This is the only thing you do not play with, their visa. When will the Haitian politician will be able to go based on principles.

I guess that may never

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