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More Police, Less Troops, MINUSTAH to leave Haiti by 2016

Politically Haiti is not a safe environment and can't not be moved forward without the help and assistance provided by the international community. more »

Overthrowing Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe would be a big mistake, Bill Clinton

this is a man who cause haiti with the food problem now he want its poppet to stay in power so they can get what they want that all more »

Breaking News, Former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier is dead

li poko mouri sepouyo te level pou yo bal baton pou tout vol ak krim li te fe yo more »

Confrontation on the Anniversary of 1991 military coup against Jean Bertrand Aristide

is this democracy or the power can do what they please and thats it more »

A new form of government

YES he is the most powerful and smart prime minister Haiti ever had. I wasn't a fan on this government at first but when he come on board he change my mind. This government put... more »

Maduro: Whoever messes with Haiti messes with Venezuela

Sesa ki rele respe yo pa chita tann non li dil kle pwan sa kom ekzanp more »

Should there be a Bar for Gay and Lesbian to meet in Haiti?

Why don't we make it a 53 states what they want its corruption everywhere in this planet is corrupt by one country and Idont have said, where is the right for man who take care... more »

Michel Martelly's approval rating at 80.5%, according to Poll

Gen le se pwopagann nou la pounou fe ba mounn manti sise konsa mwen pwal retirem nan zafe nou se sel bay manti sou janklod konbyen mounn kite disparet nou pat janm we sa yo non... more »

RE: Haitian government wants to fight internet calls, MagicJack, Skype

Se menm mounn sa yo ki aplwate peyi ak fo dirijan sa yo se sel tet yo we bann sousou sesa pouw ta di vwe more »

Senate Wencesclas Lambert Pa konn Li oubyen Li Li Tet Anba

Finally somebody say something that I can agree with. What Senator Wencesclas Lambertr said is exactly right. What would happen if a member of the Republican Party go to Russia... more »

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