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RE: Haitian Government might just use "Public Utility" to steal property

Avan goudou goudou ané 2010 ke nou tout pran ak anpil tristès, te gin yon gro derapaj ki te kowmanseman nan ané1986-98: koté anpil moun kouri akaparé... more »

Little Haiti Boy(14) committed suicide after killing older brother(16) over clothes

Yon tragedie ki trist e regretab... Nou prezante kondoleans ak simpati a fanmi,e kominote Little Haiti a. Nou kapab ede #nosjeunes: pè, pastè, ak lot personalité... more »

Opposition tried unsuccessfully to join Martelly in Champ-de-Mars

Tout bon istwa sa dwe fini nan peyi a. Approchons-nous sur ce fait: yon group ap celebre e lot group la kont celebrasyon an. Ok group ki kont lan se opposan. Ki pa yon problem... more »

Why does Jean Lounis stab 4-month old child in the Dominican Republic

Jean Lounis did not have any right to stab a 4 years old child. The local mub did not have any right to kill Jean Lounis either. We won't know the true nature of the story behind... more »

Mwen Ba Dominikin Gabel Pou Li Envayi Ayiti - Remember the Haitian revolution

They could try ( because they have: the idea, arm forces, friends, etc...) to defeat Haiti. But they won't ( because we don't have anything at all and at war we won't care about... more »

Haiti and Dominican Republic, the race issue

Two republics: Haiti and Dominican Republic are on the same island. Skin complexion is a crucial issue in both republics. Rich and poor are not on the same page. In Haiti, Jessie... more »

RE: Dominican president Danilo Medina threatens Haiti

Haitian's media must inform both nations about the situation, and the haitian's intelligence in DR must be active to the ultimate duty: ears, eyes, noises wide open and reporting... more »

RE: Michel Martelly aka Sweet Micky Vs Liliane Pierre Paul aka "Ti Lili"

The article above says: " Tout "Ti" Se Volè". What is the meaning of Ti Cheri? I do not think that the president called her Ti Lili in any way to diminish the lady. And we... more »

RE: Lunise Morse, wife of Richard Morse likely to Run for Senate under Fanmi Lavalas Party

It is a good idea. I support feminism worldwide. If her qualification fits the Haitian Constitution. I wish her the best luck. more »

RE: Fatal Assistance - Assistance Mortelle by Hatian filmmaker Raoul Peck

I would like to thank Mr Raoul Peck for this remarkable job. I would also like to suggest to my Haitian people, in general, the way you present yourself is the way others will... more »

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