RE: Labadee, Haitian Port Located On the Northern Coast Of Haiti

Jrigoun - May 27 2014, 7:09 AM

I would like to know why passengers are not allow to go Cap Haitien when they are in Labadee.

I think some of those animals who human faces make it so because they only have one goal in mine; make Haiti looks bad in the eyes of other nations.

Those people who like to take the street to breaks cars windows/burn tires and look stupid have nothing good in mine for our country.

It is very sad to see a cruise ship arrives in Labadee with 6000 people and yet
they can not go to town to see and buy stuff from the locals

Those animals do not have brain, if they do they they would realize they are hurting the people on the street.

We were allow to to town in Jamaica/cozumel but not in Haiti thanks to those animals with human faces.

The government needs to start cleaning our country of these animals just like
the government in Jamaica did a few years ago.

I use the words animal in this text because I have no other way to explain the behavior of these people

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