RE: Jean-Bertrand Aristide Will Be In Haiti Before March 20

Rodolphe Schomberg - February 16 2011, 9:57 PM

Aristide has always been too assertive to shy away from politics in Haiti.

If there is another head at:.

Aristide will assert himself as the brains.

He is too full of himself to accept a second place.

Neither will he accept to shut up. Only death will shut him up.

His decision to get involved in education is only a facade.

In my opinion, While Jn Claude's end is "To help modernize Leogane".

Beside the fund he intends to use to this end which is still out of his reach, He is broke; there is nothing to take from him. The money he took along had been confiscated.

So much so that he had to wash dishes to pay his rent and eat in France where he had been living for close to 25 years prior to his recent return to Haiti.

On the other hand, Aristide is still in possession of what remains from the fund expropriated from Haiti.

Each cent in his possession is Haiti's. From SA,
Haiti has no access.

Let's sit back and see how long he will hold on to it once he reaches Haiti.

He often quoted the Haitian Constitution...

Let's sit back and watch how loud the voice of the same Constitution will yell back at him when he gets within reach..

Let's watch and see.

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