In Haiti, there are no Liberal, Conservative, only Politicians driven by Money and Power

Nazon Tato - March 31 2015, 8:03 AM

Many people are surprised because they think too many political parties registered for the next election in Haiti.

Some think that is not so much of a problem.

They rather see it as a good thing.

They argue that as more groups are interested in the Haitian political system, it will allow for more ideas on how to bring a solution to the various problems of the country.

Other think that through the campaign, the best ideas will hold and those with no great ideas will naturally go to the waste basket.

This would be true for most other countries; however, not in Haiti.

In Haiti, there are no Liberal, Conservative, only People driven by Money and Power.

No one has conviction in the country.

There is no identifiable group that can be labeled as liberal or conservative, left or right, socialist or capitalist in Haiti.

There is simply men and a few women, that are driven by money, power and the desire to continue to hold both

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