We rather die with the people instead of making it without the people

Mali Chery - March 31 2015, 8:04 AM

Nou Pito Mouri avek Le Pep olye pou nou ta reyisi san "Le Pep"

During election in Haiti, you can get ready to here "Le Pep: or People.

Every candidate will be defending "Le Pep".

Do you remember this famous phrase: " Nou Pito Mouri avek Le Pep olye pou nou ta reyisi san "Le Pep".

However, the result proves otherwise.

This is usually the case for most of our leaders.

It seem to me that the moment they get into power, they forget all promises.

While political parties will attempt to send severl candidate and will stick to the one most popular

Other will continue to play victims so that they can capitalize on the sympathy of the population

One advise that I have for you all is that be very careful this election period

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