OPL, MOPOD, FUSION embark in Primary election, what about Fanmi Lavalas?

It seems like we are watching the democratization of our political parties in Haiti right before our eyes. So many political parties are now saying that they are going to let their members make the selection as to who will represent their party during the next election. OPL, MOPOD, FUSION, just to name a few stated that they will have Primary election.


Now my question: what about Fanmi Lavalas? Will this political party follow the steps of the other ones and conduct primary as well? This is something very interesting to watch during the next few days or months. Will the Fanmi Lavalas of Jean Bertrand Aristide survive if they decide not to conduct Primary election? Will the party members accept to be under a Dictatorship form of political party or will the demand that the party open to all and that the best candidate will actually be selected to represent them during the next election?

This is something very new in the political arena in Haiti and in all fairness, we should give them time to process this changes and accept them. It is something very new in the Haitian politic when Political political parties accept to transfer power to the population they actually serve. This is the case with MOPOD, OPL, Fusion that decide to hold primaries in order to let their members select the next candidate who will represent them in the next election. The time is running out for Fanmi Lavalas. There is a very short time left. Fanmi Lavalas only has a few days to make up its mind and decide to let its members select their next Presidential candidate.

In the meantime, representatives of the Fanmi lavalas parties have not said anything in that matter. Months ago, the party arbitrarily designated Dr Maryse Narcisse as their presidential candidate for the next presidential election. How likely this will fly? It remain a mystery to many?

However what many of us agreed upon is that this particular choice was rather imposed. It was pure and simple an example of dictatorship where one person decides for the party. A political party can not be an individual heritage. In this day and age, we can no longer accept for one man to take possession of a major political party such as Fanmi Lavalas and control everything. One person can not be the one who says when there will be party meetings, who can attend, who to exclude in party meetings, who becomes candidate

This usually comes from people who believe that he/she is the only one who knows what's good for the rest of the group. Such a mentality could never understand the concept of tolerance, that others can important points as well. In brief, people like that will never believe in Democracy. And if I can speak to many Haitians with the ability to think or speak for themselves, they will not be part of such organization or in this case political party. This so called Political party is in fact not a Political party. It is instead operating like a religion or sect. You must believe and obey

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Casso De Julio says...

Antou ca lem a we ma

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Josette Fleurimon says...

During election season, one group of people that take the opportunity to bring some good money is Haitian Houngan.

If you don't think that Haitians love power and that they will do anything to be in power, just look at the number of political parties already registered for the next election in Haiti.

You have not seen anything yet. Just wait to see how many candidates are going to register.

Pretty soon, we will have a really crowded field.

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Mompremier Lalo says...

Believe it or not. Haitian election is not wan based on what you can offer or whether or not you have a good program.

Former Haitian president Rene Preval demonstrated that. He actually made no proposition, gave no interview and promised nothing to the public.

He was elected President of Haiti.

Therefore, you know it is not what you have as a plan that is going to win you the presidency of Haiti.

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Mali Chery says...

Nou Pito Mouri avek Le Pep olye pou nou ta reyisi san "Le Pep"

During election in Haiti, you can get ready to here "Le Pep: or People.

Every candidate will be defending "Le Pep".

Do you remember this famous phrase: " Nou Pito Mouri avek Le Pep olye pou nou ta reyisi san "Le Pep".

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Nazon Tato says...

Many people are surprised because they think too many political parties registered for the next election in Haiti.

Some think that is not so much of a problem.

They rather see it as a good thing.

They argue that as more groups are interested in the Haitian political system, it will allow for more ideas on how to bring a solution to the various problems of the country.

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Papito Jean says...

No none can denied the popularity of Jean Bertrand Aristide in Haiti at this time and if he has the possibility to run during the next election, he would probably win as well. However, this is a sad thing to observe in Haiti.

Many people would probably say: why would anyone vote for Jean Bertrand Aristide, after what we have been through with him?

My answer to this is that this is exactly what the real problem of the country is. Haitians are not capable to make good choices or select a good leader.

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