Jean Bertrand Aristide and his followers believe he is a Prophete

Papito Jean - March 31 2015, 8:02 AM

No none can denied the popularity of Jean Bertrand Aristide in Haiti at this time and if he has the possibility to run during the next election, he would probably win as well. However, this is a sad thing to observe in Haiti.

Many people would probably say: why would anyone vote for Jean Bertrand Aristide, after what we have been through with him?

My answer to this is that this is exactly what the real problem of the country is. Haitians are not capable to make good choices or select a good leader.

There are many reasons that cause that. One, the population is desperately poor. You can not ask for someone who is hungry to plan for the future.

That person is not there yet. he/she has more immediate priorities to deal with. The person needs to eat today.

This is the case for many Haitians.

This man who is considered to be very intelligent is using his intelligence not to help his follow Haitians.

The same way many intelligent Haitians politicians have done in the past, he is and likely will continue to use that intelligence to take advantage of the week Haitians who do not know any better.

Unfortunately, he will continue to be the most popular.

He knows how to relate to the mass, he knows what they want to hear

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