Election in Haiti is near, time for the candidates to consult with their Houngan

Josette Fleurimon - March 31 2015, 8:07 AM

During election season, one group of people that take the opportunity to bring some good money is Haitian Houngan.

If you don't think that Haitians love power and that they will do anything to be in power, just look at the number of political parties already registered for the next election in Haiti.

You have not seen anything yet. Just wait to see how many candidates are going to register.

Pretty soon, we will have a really crowded field.

In this crowed field where only a few will have the chance to serve or make their fortune, some of the candidates will try anything to increase their chances.

This is the reason why many think it will be harvest season for Haitian Houngan.

Whether you are catholic, protestant even pastor, you are not excluded.

No matter who they are, they tend to turn to their real belief when things are not clear.

Many will consult with their Houngan to increase their chances of winning.

So if you are not doing anything at this time and want to earn some income, you might want to become a Haitian Houngan, at least for the next nine Months

Can we use video to film them as they are entering or exiting these places

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