Kenneth H. Merten returns as Special Coordinator for Haiti

Jacky Dessalines - August 17 2015, 8:26 PM

Too bad for the Haitian people, More pain, more suffering for the Haitian people...

more power for sweet micki ti simone carckhead to steal Haitian money...selling out the country...the Haitian government is a bunch of thieves...

kidnappers, drug dealers, a shame to the country.

It's time for a "general revolte" toward a revolution for the progress of Haiti.

We need to overthrow this bunch of thieves.

And install a provisory revolutionary government of 9 credible, honest and competent members to organize credible and democratic election in the country.

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Kenneth H. Merten returns as Special Coordinator for Haiti

Do you remember former Ambassador of the United States in Haiti between 2009 and 2012? He is back as he has been nominated to replace Thomas Adams...

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