RE: Fednel Monchery di gwoup G8 kimbe Jude Celestin tankou yon otaj

Alex Bastien - December 3 2015, 10:37 PM

Mr. Jude Celestin should have been smater than that not to let himself being trapped by a bunch of avarists, some of these fox are part of the G8, who enven envie the position of Mr. Celestin (2nd place).

Yes, indeed, Jude has found himself in a hostage taking situation.

If they were that sincere, they would have all joined Mr. Celestin, and have all the fox who voted for them vote for him in the 2nd tour for December 27/15. And of course, that would have been the remedy to prevent the caos, and dilemma that we're currently facing.

Obviously that would have been the only way to challenge Mr. Jovenel Moise; and at that point the whole would have been their witness.

And, it would have obvious to the rest of the world that, that CEP couldn't be trusted for real.

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Fednel Monchery di gwoup G8 kimbe Jude Celestin tankou yon otaj

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