Louis Dejoie: Agricultural Entrepreneur Pioneer

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Richard Dejoie says...

That is my great uncle my grandmother m father talk about him so much but I sent think that he was idolized like that I'm so proud of my Family n my heritage foundation is... more »

Love Bertrand says...

My friend, glad my article inspired you and lots of others. I heard his story from my dad and grandparents like any younger generation. His s inspired me so much that I had to... more »

Love Bertrand says...

Glad, my article reached out to you and so many others. Your grand uncle was a role model and an inspiration. I have been puzzled to write about him for so long, finally I I did... more »

Love Bertrand says...

Great for sharing!!! more »

Tesheena Dejoie says...

I truly want to thank you for writing this piece. Louis is my grand fathers great uncle. so I guess that would make him my great great great uncle. it is so wonderful to hear... more »

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