RE: Dominican Republic trade with Haiti hits an all time record

Fred S Millan - June 18 2018, 12:43 PM

-This article reveal a sad reality that the economic occupation of Haiti is in full swing, the political, historical, and moral occupations are coming.

- All thanks to a new generation of incompetent in charge of all the avenues of government.

- Yes a new generation of those advocating "Government pou le pep, avec le pep pa le pep" has failed because they only care about money and their social advancement, by also blaming everyone except themselves.

Haiti needs an urgent intake of teaching to the people again of their history, social responsibility, and the proper use of their ability far better than their neighbor.

A stop to all traitors preaching division within the country.

And finally a legislative force that should be reduced in half and purged of all the incompetents with an inferiority complex.

Yes, Haiti still can be saved.

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Dominican Republic trade with Haiti hits an all time record

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The gap between Haiti and the Dominican Republic is...

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