RE: Dominican Republic trade with Haiti hits an all time record

Serge Olivier - June 18 2018, 3:29 PM

The gap between Haiti and the Dominican Republic is extremely large.

Some say that at this point, there is no hope. At this time, it is like comparing apple and oranges.

Haiti will always be a backyard for the Dominicans in term of economy.

There is no need for them to have a trade agreement with us because we have no power.

They produce and we consume.

If they don't produce, we will not eat. Haitians have always been a consuming group.

It may be hard to accept, but the reality is Haitians do not produce much of anything,; we never did.

The Dominican economy is over 600% larger than the Haitian economy.

For most of its history, the Dominican economy was based on the exportation of sugar, coffee, and tobacco.

However, in recent years construction, tourism, and free trade zones.

On the Haitian side, remittances are the primary source import, equivalent to more than a quarter of GDP. Major factors such as poverty, corruption, vulnerability to natural disasters, and low levels of education continue to make the gap wider.

In addition, this difference between the two economies makes their border a point of constant conflict.

We need a strong leader in Haiti to start with a new program, asking for the cooperation of everyone.

Those who are not willing to cooperate must be punished severely.

Only then will Haiti be able to move out of the current situation.

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-This article reveal a sad reality that the economic...

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