RE: After 40 Years American Airlines Has Been Flying To Haiti, What Did...

Gladadou - March 24 2011, 11:52 PM

1. You all need to STOP complaining about AA since you cannot have your own airline.

The government receives very good compensation from them.

2. AA has always been there to help during difficult times.

(too many to mention)

3. We first need to respect ourselves for others to respect us.

4. For your information, during the Earthquake, AA sent several of their planes loaded with food and medicines with their employees and their GAS. (No charge) All that cost a lot of money.

Have you forgotten already?

5. AA installed air Conditioned at the airport.

Built the JetBridge for your comfort which they didn't have to.

What does any other nation receives from an airline besides the services that they pay for. We should be so lucky that we find airlines still flying to Haiti considering...

It's been proven that we cannot run an airline so STOP criticizing AA. It's a shame that we're not even happy with the best. STOP it!!!!

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I don't know how much you receive from AA You need...

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