IINITE Senator Joseph Lambert said That Mirlande won the Presidency

Yopralsezi - March 26 2011, 6:45 AM

Joseph Lambert ant Yourie Latorue said that Mirlande won all the departments with the popular vote. Mirlande said said that she won all the departments.

Michel said that he is pleased with the way things are going.

Josette Bijou said that Michel won the popular vote in all the departments.

The problem is is Joseph Lambert is the Chairman of the INITE party, and Yourie is the latrine of haitian politics with Josette as a respectable figure by all in Haitian politics.

The truth will be known on March 31st, because the people know who they voted for.

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Mwen Neg Gonayiv says...

ni lambert ni youri yo bezwen fe konplo bay Mirlande pouvwa a pou yo kontinye fe dil drog, touye jounalis, touye moun ki ap pale. Yo pap 6 nan 12 la. Tout moun konnen ke Met Alix... more »

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