RE: Life Sentence For Haitian Man Who Got 9 Year Old Haitian Girl...

Wiss W Brise - March 27 2011, 12:53 PM

This guy is evil 9years old I'm pretty sure he doesn't have any families and most of Haitian parents when they come in this country bc they have any possibilities to go to school and learn the system they working full time two jobs just to take care thier families left back there without think to spend a little time with their kids. Sometimes doesn't have any respect for their parents for anything they say oh I will call the police for you, their parents are scare.

And the system give too much freedom to these under age, sometimes whatever they said they right, I think this is an example for not only the Haitian parents but for everyone got a little girl, you have the right to spend more time with your kids to know their activities anywhere go the school talk to theirs teachers to how your kids is behave in the class room and what needs to be done for some case lime that not repeated in any communities specially our communities thank you.

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