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Mirlande Manigat Defeat Press Release - She Is Outraged And Suspicious...

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Tuesday April 05, 2011 08:55 PM ET

Defeated presidential candidate Mirlande Manigat has just released a Note De Presse with the title "May God Watch Over Haiti".

In it, she mentions that her votes were stolen and she questions the last minute visit of CEP president Gaillot Dorsainvil to the tabulations center...

A visit "champwel" she calls it...

The following is the English translation of Mirlande Manigat's Press Release after she lost the Haiti presidential bid to Michel Martelly...

Read it carefully and reply with your comments

Mirlande Manigat - Que Dieu veille sur Haiti - Point de Presse 5 Avril 2011
by Mirlande Manigat, Tuesday, April 5, 2011 at 4:11pm

Dear Compatriots,

I was planning to make a different statement, on this Tuesday, April 5. And I also know that the country expected something else.

Indeed, until yesterday morning, it was known to all that I had won the presidential elections.

Late in the night, from Sunday April 3 to Monday April 4, we followed the adventures taking place in tabulation center with the two unusual visits by the CEP President along with 5 consultants, particularly the 11pm visit.

What were they doing there at this hour, when the electoral laws, basic decency, and prudence forbade such a nocturnal visit?

In fact, it didn't take long for us to realize: The visit "champwel" actually had a purpose: to forge results in a Mafia-type operation in which audacity, corruption, interest, promises and threats played unequal roles in our history yet tormented and which has seen others.

Never before had we seen such a genuine "champwel".

In fact, it didn't take long for us to realize: it was 'holdup' visit on the power (le pouvoir), with all methods of the genre, but revised and expanded.

We are outraged but not defeated.

The feeling inside me is neither bitterness nor resentment, but a deep concern for the future of our country.

Particularly the young, some are stunned by these methods and their apparent success, these methods that simply violate public morals and ethics.

We fought the good fight and we offered the public a lucid hope for real change.

I thank all those who accompanied me, supported, advised.

Members of my party, the RDNP, particularly the new generation, ...

who must roll up their sleeves to continue the fight.

Members of allied formations, COREH, Group 77, Kombit who accompanied me tirelessly throughout the country, they gave me all their time, trust, and the benefits of their political experience.

Countless youth associations, sportsmen, musicians whose enthusiasm has been for all of us a source of refreshment and hope for generational succession.

Members of all churches in the country who have supported my efforts on behalf of morality and integrity, threatened.

To all the women's movement that supported one of their own, confident in its commitment to promoting equality of women in our country.

All those known or discrete, across 10 departments, 142 communes, 572 communal sections, more than 12,000 homes who gave me their trust and their votes even if they were widely retracted, stolen.

All those who helped me physically and financially sometimes to the point of a sacrifice, which allowed me to run a campaign without much money but honest.

It is with emotion that I salute the memory of all those who fell during this campaign and I renew my sympathies to their families.

Understandably I detach a name, that of my husband.

LFM, he voluntarily kept his distance in this campaign, providing me advice and criticism, encouragement in private.

I owe him for having been able to avoid misjudgments on men and things in our country, thanks to its incomparable lucidity impression of vigilance with an astonishing capacity for analysis.

The day after this date, April 4, I repeat what I have always repeated during the campaign: in order to do politics, one must love his/her country and all Haitians.

With all my might, I will continue to love this country and my fellow countrymen.

But I liked the state in which it was. With a heavy heart but not bitter, I am concerned about his fate as we manufacture for them.

I encourage young and old alike to come and register in RDNP. We need their commitment, their passion to develop and promote a culture of party that fails us, To educate those around them the principles of democracy, courage and integrity in politics.

I hope that the future elections can be held with transparency and credibility in the institutions of the country, without scheming (magouille) expression of the power of the ballot box and not from the corrosive power of Money.

I could not, as a patriotic, wish for anything the best for this country, although I doubt that she will actually be under construction.

May God watch over Haiti!

Thank you
Mirlande Mangat

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