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Peu import...! What's the heck...! We become a too sensitive society. Let people express themselves freely. more »
Alex B, 05/21/16 6:44 PM
What that school did is illegal. It is more than just an act of racism; it is a violation of the right to free expression; a right which America stands for. Where is America... more »
Nestor P Mateo, 05/20/16 8:55 AM
We just volo...piye tout lajan pays......kite toute caisse publique vide....dette pays a sou regime sweetmicki gintan a 5 milliatds sa to regle an tout job... more »
Jacky Dessalines, 05/18/16 6:34 PM
Nan peyi Dayiti gen anpil kay pay, ki kekfwa tou gen anpil rat. more »
Elisee Pierre, 05/17/16 10:23 PM
Please, provide me, and everyone else interested, with a link to this study. I know that the country is highly vulnerable to several dangers. I also know that most of them could... more »
Nestor P Mateo, 05/14/16 3:58 PM
This is fannnntaaasstic! I just love it! This is not just a great recognition for a country that has maintained its African roots and most customs and heritage from the mother... more »
Nestor P Mateo, 05/14/16 3:35 PM
This a great move to integrate Haiti in the A U. Haiti stands to benefit fully from such an alliance symbocally or otherwise. This is show of unity with our African brothers and... more »
Yonel Placide, 05/11/16 7:42 PM
I think it's a wonderful thing since Haiti is the most African Country in the Caribbean Also Africa has a moral debt towards Haiti. Furthermore when the French African Countries... more »
Yves Joseph, 05/11/16 4:14 PM
Mesye dam, gen moun ke nou pa dwe manyen nan peyi a. Stephanie se yon fanm pep ayisyen ta dwe metel nan yon bwat biblo ak tt pitit gen moun serye e ki konsyan nan peyi sa... more »
Francy, 05/11/16 1:03 PM
It the time for Haitian people stop finding for the power of government, but the must thinking of human life more »
Marie, 05/11/16 12:16 AM
He is just feelling for him....he s not a criminal.... Killing man...a thief....can the other guy...the next after try that at...he will be very scare like a little... more »
Jacky Dessalines, 05/10/16 8:15 PM
He is a simple man. Power does not change him. He never get mad when someone calls him "Ti Rene" even while President. more »
Bwa Sanfey, 05/10/16 7:42 PM
This is the reason we don't need these idiots soldiers in Haiti because they have no respect at all even their boss. If they don't take any order from their superior, who do you... more »
Cesar, 05/10/16 9:48 AM
Vous devez laisser au commission d,evaluation de faire son boulot si vous n,etes pas fraude,le people haitien Dan's SA quasi totalite reclame une profonde evaliation more »
Wilgo Kenol, 05/08/16 12:21 AM
We will get what they pay for. 723362 more »
Jpnn, 05/07/16 6:07 PM
ok. thanks. i deeply appreciate your prompt response. saludos. george more »
George Rodriguez, 05/04/16 11:05 AM
This provisional government needs to make sure that they are accountable for every dollar that is being spent under their watch.The time will come for them to give a detail... more »
Yonel Placide, 05/03/16 9:57 PM
Privert ap fout bay echappe presidentielle LA....bay yon president ki elu democratikman en fevrier 2017.....grenadiers a l assault...... more »
Jacky Dessalines, 05/03/16 12:53 PM sal four ye minm...Previert ap remet bay echappe presidentielle LA...a yon president ki elu democratikman en fevrier 2017....grenadiers a l assault..... more »
Jacky Dessalines, 05/03/16 12:49 PM
hi. my name is george rodriguez. i'm an international freelance correspondent presently based in costa rica. from here, among the other countries in central america, i monitor... more »
George Rodriguez, 05/02/16 11:05 AM

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