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she is just crasy as he'll. more »
Shounga, 08/29/16 8:05 PM
I am very angry upon learning of the killing of a Police Officer in Haiti. I do hope the future government will reestablish the Death Penalty for the murder of a law enforcement. more »
Bwa Sanfey, 08/26/16 7:54 PM
We finally have a finance minister that we can count on more »
Jean C Alexandre, 08/23/16 5:48 PM
I think that, this is a patriotic gesture. Bravo! more »
Pierre Elysee, 08/17/16 4:04 AM
I am wondering if you could give me any contact information for Brother Armand. I live and work in Haiti and am helping an earthquake camp that has bought land very close to... more »
Carla Bluntschli, 08/10/16 7:28 PM
This man is a corrupt individual and his corruption puts him in all governements. He seems to be an expert. He should be indicted and jailed. If he is guilty, he is just a thief. more »
Paola Pitti, 08/08/16 1:22 PM
This guy should be jailed for life. He basically is responsible for everythting that happened in this building. more »
Paola Pitti, 08/08/16 1:15 PM
This video is as mediocre as can be. The person in the video is using music for money laundering but obviously he is not a musician. A musician either plays an instrument or... more »
Paola Pitti, 08/08/16 1:13 PM
AFTER 9/11 Our masks came off. Hillary, just like the rest of us, was reeling from the trauma and reached out to show that she wanted to support others on her listening tour... more »
Grard Nancy, 07/25/16 7:28 AM
So he meant to kill the autistic man for holding a toy truck? Now policemen don't know how to aim. Two lies in one sentence:A la George Zimmerman. more »
Yolaine George, 07/22/16 11:48 AM
We need a voice wherever we can get it. more »
Bwa Sanfey, 07/21/16 8:54 AM
GOP had no other choice, but to accept the candidacy of a candidate who has all the possibilities to loose. They know they will loose anyways, and, besides that, they will get... more »
Nestor P Mateo, 07/20/16 12:53 PM
No comments.... Who are we to judge????? more »
Lylian Madsen, 07/19/16 11:32 AM
I believe that the senators and deputies should think of helping the country to come out of this crisis. We cannot continue that way. We are moving to the precipice. We do need... more »
Mjcasseus, 07/14/16 9:45 PM
This is great! That´s a good thinking. Hopefully that motivates others to make sacrifices for the good of the country. Congratulations...... more »
Nestor P Mateo, 07/14/16 1:21 PM
It is how lawmakers play their role in the scene. I just want to tell them stop humiliating haitian people and the humanity. If they ask to do so by September to next month, I... more »
Ramel Altidort, 07/14/16 9:49 AM
Congrats....!!! You deserve it You are a kind, devoted & caring person... May The Lord always be with you, assist you, help you, direct you, protect you & bless you....!!! Stay... more »
Yole, 07/13/16 3:41 PM
WHAT ABOUT Jean Bertrand Aristide what the going to do with him maybe kiss is ass more »
Marc, 07/13/16 2:21 PM
Make him return all the money he stole. His friend too. more »
Bwa Sanfey, 07/13/16 1:43 PM
Peyi ya bay degoutans tout bon mezanmi! Poukisa detrui la vi moune nan. Ummmmm more »
Natif Natal, 07/11/16 7:11 PM

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