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Finally we have a man with integrity to stand up and say no to the previous administration of Sweet Micky government. Laleau needs to be held accountable for this hole he put... more »
Cesar, 04/07/16 3:11 PM
Mete tout volo...piyed pays yo Anna corde...menotter yo...kplim...Sophia...tiko saint Remy....madame duperval...manigat....lamote...mete tout volo yo Anna corde...penitencier... more »
Jacky Dessalines, 04/07/16 10:58 AM
I think that Depute leger starts on a good foot. more »
Bwa Sanfey, 04/06/16 8:02 PM
I remember my time which was no different from that young man, but never did I think of suicide for even 1 second. There is another reason. more »
Bwa Sanfey, 04/06/16 7:47 PM
Manti komanw fè konnen rezon kifèl komèt sucide la?li kite masaj lè lekol te serye nan ané 60 yo timoune te respecte granmoun sapat konn fèt.chache... more »
Fabonord, 04/06/16 2:05 PM
Bravo! About time. This is one the thing that Haiti needs. Hopefuly, it last long enough. more »
Nestor Mateo, 04/06/16 12:45 PM
As much as I dislike jean-max bellerive I must say that he is finally right of this impossible task to conduct a credible election as early as April even thru December because... more »
Cesar Jean-jacques, 04/02/16 9:41 PM
GRENADIERS! Let this be a lesson to you. Be very careful when dealing with Latin American countries, especially one's who are not yet fully established. There is an extreme risk... more »
Jean-frantz, 04/02/16 3:26 PM
Let this election lead by community. International more »
Bertrand Nicolas, 04/01/16 5:54 PM
Yes Haitian need it, No Haitian know what Mr. Peter need for his country he must stay ways from Haitian business that not diplomatic it's language of occupation more »
Fabonord, 04/01/16 11:28 AM
Hello, I'm Nadege, in charge of editing inflight Le Bon Air published by Air Antilles/Guyane. I'm looking for free HD photos about Haïti / Massif de la Hotte so as to... more »
Nadegecerettoparis, 03/30/16 5:31 AM
Finally, everyone knows where the real power is. The Haitians were never in charge since they their politicians have too much to lose like: Bank deposits in the US, Scholarships... more »
A Baptiste, 03/29/16 8:07 PM
This is one more Joke by Privert! The members of the Parliament will never accept someone who will push for an entire make over of the elections. Those who were wrongfully... more »
A Baptiste, 03/24/16 11:45 AM
Mr. Enex Jean Charles is probably the best candidate for this post. He works with everyone and knows how to deal with all the sectors politically and socially. He can in fact get... more »
Cesar Jean-jacques, 03/24/16 8:26 AM
BON DIEU abeni yo en abondance mais quenoune lopital gerer lagent que yo pas regler affaire payo more »
Shime Leroy, 03/22/16 10:54 PM
Iyou guys should put brezault because they own lesly center and they have a lot of money!! more »
Jhon, 03/22/16 6:56 PM
moin pas presque tande nou encore ca qui ap passer? more »
Shime Leroy, 03/21/16 1:58 PM
KP was not legitimate himself. What an hypocrite? more »
Bwa Sanfey, 03/16/16 2:03 PM
13 ministers. 1 Prime minister. 1 President. In transition quelle COMEDIE more »
Luxor Jeunoy, 03/14/16 6:01 PM
se pou yo sezi bagay Martelly ak colonn vole yo pou nou kapab peye moun you. Ban vole, lolo more »
Bwa Sanfey, 03/14/16 4:01 PM

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