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Compliman ak tout piman pou jen n antreprene Ayisyen Jean-Paul. Mswete l jwenn tout Sipo posib poul kontinye e reyisi ak bel inisyativ saa, se pou Bondye GranMet la gadel e bay... more »
Julio De Castro, 03/09/16 8:01 AM
ca li di yo plus que verite more »
Shime Leroy, 03/06/16 3:47 PM
pou ki sa JM pa retounin lan banann ni. Msie sanble yon grenn banann miske ki pa byen pran more »
Bwa Sanfey, 03/04/16 7:06 PM
ou croue ce vre? more »
Shime Leroy, 03/04/16 6:38 PM
li te toucher bien li te fais on bon job more »
Shime Leroy, 03/03/16 5:39 PM
deouis ou gain moune sous cayemite ou ao manger cayemite quan men tet qui habituer mete chapeau ap toujour mete chapeau more »
Shime Leroy, 03/03/16 5:32 PM
ca kap passer con ca mezammi bagaille ca yo ce nan cinema nou te connin oue yo 25 ans passer pays pa te con ca qui cote nou praleer?haiti pi red passer pays etrenger au U S A le... more »
Shime Leroy, 03/03/16 8:31 AM
Jocelerme Privert is doing what the Haitian politicians want him to do which is to share the wealth. So far, he has named several individuals in key positions with the objective... more »
Mona Sanon, 03/02/16 4:58 PM
the opportunity one has once you become either a Senator, deputy or President in Haiti is out of this world. No other things can allow you to get rich as quickly as being one of... more »
James Sanon, 03/02/16 11:15 AM
All the present signs would tell you that there is no chance whatsoever for Fritz Jean to become Prime Minister.. Just listen to all these Senators and Deputies. However... more »
Papa Lolo, 03/02/16 11:14 AM
This is the answer you usually get when dealing with a government that is not responsible. It has always been the case in Haiti where government come into power to serve... more »
Jack Leblanc, 03/02/16 7:50 AM
Loaning my 1945 Port au Prince, Haiti, needlework sampler to an Exhibit of Schoolgirls Samplers at Pioneer Museum, Fredericksburg,TX. This sampler was a gift to me by a woman who... more »
Jane Woellhof, 02/28/16 5:28 PM
Wilson Laleau needs to be held accountable for the amount of money laundering that he has been signed to his friends and sweet Micky. He needs to go to jail and left him rotten... more »
Cesar Jean Jacques, 02/25/16 6:40 PM
Evans Paul already knew the massive fraud that occurred in the previous election in which some of his legislatures that won the election could not even elect in their city for... more »
Cesar Jean Jacques, 02/24/16 4:20 AM
Map mande eske ya mande matelly pou Remet 7 Toyota Land Cruiser tou nèf avèk play officiel ke li pran yon jou van li kite pouvwa tou.fok yo tounen yo tou more »
Patrick Cadesti, 02/23/16 10:46 AM
I think Mirlande Manigat IS the best qualifiied for PM job. more »
Jean Fanfan, 02/21/16 11:16 PM
gain trou vide tout cote ce pas haiti selment more »
Shime Leroy, 02/18/16 5:42 PM
M panse se yon tres Bon projet, kap ede Ayiti soti anba soudevlopman. more »
Julio De Castro, 02/17/16 12:08 PM
espoir fait vivre quitter yo viv ac espoir si nan 2 mandat li pa river fais one entier cote pouvoir ca ye la expliquer moin li moin pa cpmpren peup la te nan le rue tap rele foc... more »
Shime Leroy, 02/16/16 3:53 PM
First of all, he is not marginalized, he is where he is suppose to be. The focus is on the forward progress of Haiti's infancy in democracy. They screwed up the election, the... more »
Sanon, 02/16/16 9:04 AM

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