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Totally agreed. What we need is to produce in the country as much as possible of our food needs. The country would've been in better shap today, if the billions of dollars of... more »
Nestor Mateo, 04/18/16 10:40 AM
Haitians do not have another 10 years to expect. Other projects MUST be implemented across the country to REALLY help the people improving their quality of live. If this project... more »
Nestor Mateo, 04/18/16 10:33 AM
Let's pray for all of the victims. more »
Bwa Sanfey, 04/18/16 7:13 AM
That is a long time to implement this project. Hope that project does not absorb the name of HAITI. VEYE YO.... VEYE YO.... more »
Bwa Sanfey, 04/17/16 6:16 PM
This program makes me sick. The government should limit the quantity tons of peanut that we can accept.. Let them send the rest somewhere else, if they have too much. more »
Bwa Sanfey, 04/17/16 12:40 PM
John Kerry Go read a Book, more »
Francoise Deter, 04/17/16 12:09 PM
Se pou yo mare cravate m 'Sieu more »
Bwa Sanfey, 04/16/16 9:14 PM
Job komisè gouvernman se chwal papa li ye jodia ou la demen ou revoke Danton Leger pran San w more »
Rigal Simon, 04/16/16 8:59 PM
Sakap grate Danton Leger konsa poukisa li bat kò li konsa li pa sonje lè ti poule cho se malfini ki deyè li? Danton Leger poze w tande more »
Rigal Simon, 04/16/16 8:55 PM
UN when he lit a cigar and a cigaret to start his long speech that leave everyone baffle. I guess you know the story and standing ovation. I am so proud of him more »
My N Pauyo, 04/16/16 1:10 PM
One day, hopefully very soon, all of these misbehaviors, ought to stop. Haitian people deserve better. Every politian, big business men, authorities at the different levels, have... more »
Nestor Mateo, 04/14/16 3:48 PM
Agree time to clean up!!!!!! more »
Francoise Deter, 04/12/16 11:04 AM
Yes the street food in Haiti is delicious. I remember 10 years ago when I first got introduced to it by the Toussaint L'ouverture Airport there was an American Airline pilot... more »
Danny X, 04/10/16 3:18 PM
nice I like it more »
Jean, 04/09/16 9:38 PM
Haitian people also have a mind of their their own way of living their own own culture we don't the usa to tell us how to think it would be like telling us at what time we should... more »
Jean, 04/09/16 9:34 PM
Finally we have a man with integrity to stand up and say no to the previous administration of Sweet Micky government. Laleau needs to be held accountable for this hole he put... more »
Cesar, 04/07/16 3:11 PM
Mete tout volo...piyed pays yo Anna corde...menotter yo...kplim...Sophia...tiko saint Remy....madame duperval...manigat....lamote...mete tout volo yo Anna corde...penitencier... more »
Jacky Dessalines, 04/07/16 10:58 AM
I think that Depute leger starts on a good foot. more »
Bwa Sanfey, 04/06/16 8:02 PM
I remember my time which was no different from that young man, but never did I think of suicide for even 1 second. There is another reason. more »
Bwa Sanfey, 04/06/16 7:47 PM
Manti komanw fè konnen rezon kifèl komèt sucide la?li kite masaj lè lekol te serye nan ané 60 yo timoune te respecte granmoun sapat konn fèt.chache... more »
Fabonord, 04/06/16 2:05 PM

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