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RE: Senators, please spare me from your next interpellation session

While all the ongoing projects cost the Haitian Government 6 times as much to maintain the corporate welfare system in place, these Deputies and Senators are performing their in... more »

RE: Michel Martelly Is Likely To Pardon Former Dictator Jean Claude...

Yes he should face trial. This is the only way to learn how previous governments have been defrauding the country. It will be a way to stop those actually in power to follow the... more »

Purchasing goods from the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic does not produce codfish or herrings (hareng) Did you ever wonder why those goods are so expensive in Haiti and so cheap in the Dominican Republic? Our... more »

RE: Did You Hear This? All Transfers Will Be Paid In Haitian Gourdes, No...

If they do not stop the free circulation of foreign currency in the country once and for all it will be illegal to apply such a ruling against a single sector of the society--THE... more »

RE: Army Is Enemy Of Development, Peace And Freedom, Fmr. Costa Rica...

Reinstating an army with soldiers who are barely educated (grammar School) is a major mistake. Why not create a mandatory military service with different branches such as: 1... more »

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