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Military Corps of Engineers blocked Minister of Defense in Pacot

This is the reason we don't need these idiots soldiers in Haiti because they have no respect at all even their boss. If they don't take any order from their superior, who do you... more »

RE: Senator Andris Riche wants Jocelerme Privert out by May 14

This pathetic,disgraced, and corrupful senator still got nerves to talk about Mr. Privert and his government. Sad to hear but it is only happening to Haiti. This loyalist of... more »

RE: U.S. Senators David Perdue, Marco Rubio and Johnny Isakson want sanctions on Haiti

Where were these 3 senators the last 5 years when sweet Micky had not conducted one election in 5 years. Mr. Senators, apparently it shows to us that the American government was... more »

RE: Wilson Laleau, latest to be included on Travel interdiction list

Finally we have a man with integrity to stand up and say no to the previous administration of Sweet Micky government. Laleau needs to be held accountable for this hole he put... more »

USAID funded political movement backing Martelly in 2010

I am not surprised of this agency generosity to sweet Micky political party at all because this leader of this government becomes the butler of this agency around the world. more »

Did Pierre-Louis Opont commit treason to the Nation of Haiti

I believe that Mr. Opont deserves a lot of credit because he has the nerves to denounce what the U.S. Government alongside the international commitee such as France and Canada... more »

Michel Martelly and Laurent Lamothe, the betrayal

Not really. What sweet Micky does to Laurent Gagothe is exactly what he did to almost everyone in his government. He used them for his personal used and cut them loose. When... more »

Laurent Lamothe drifting away from his Presidential Dream

Sorry señor Rubio your lobbyist for Lamothe to be a candidate will not full the Haitian people. You pled your case for the most corrupt prime minister in Haiti ever... more »

Haiti Police Chief, Godson Orelus has declared war on bandits

This idiot by the name of godson orelius is one of the cause of the insecurity which cause and will continue to have so many brothers and sisters died in Haiti because he is... more »

Re: Surprise, Thierry Mayard-Paul Will Not Be The Next Prime Minister Of...

The 600,0000 people went to the election and voted for a mediocrity as Sweet Micky is and they get what they want. I do not know what they were thinking. Micky who only have a... more »

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