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Sophia Martelly voting in Election kicked out for due to Non-Citizenship

Excellent question! Why indeed??? In Haiti, anything goes. If you have enough money and guns, you rule the world. It is up to the people of Haiti to rally together against this... more »

There will be no Election without Laurent Lamothe

min kote lamothe meme? are we really going to move forward with this farce of a "selection"? more »

Moise Jean-Charles sees himself as the next President of Haiti

If they allow this farce of an election to continue then they deserve a President Moise Jean Charles. Hell he would give them.. too bad the poor natives would remain in the... more »

Haitian drug trafficker Beaudouin Jacques' Ketant to be released

US got tired to feeding him and housing him so they reduced his sentence and sent him to meet his maker! Surely he is a dead man walking! NO doubt he knows it too... more »

Woodly Etheart aka Sonson Lafamilia of Gang Galil released

ok so is there any proof to these articles? just heresay??? Haiti is in serious trouble if these allegations are true and correct! Lamothe never stood a chance then.. more »

Candidacy of Jacky Lumarque of VERITE rejected by CEP

what happened to the "this decision is final and no changes will be made??" I guess Jacky didn't pay enough hush money! What a farce this is!! Just erase and start again-this... more »

Martelly to Lamothe, you could not be my candidate

if martelly care so much about boycotting of the election, then he should have opened it up to any able bodied citizen who want to run and let the public make its choice... to... more »

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