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Are you for "Dechoukaj" or give Michel Martelly a chance?

Majorite moun ki pou dechoukaj yo pa vreman konnen sa ki bon pou pwop tet yo, epi moun ki dako patisipe nan mouvman dechoukaj la se yon seri de moun ki vle se gwoup pa yo ki pou... more »

RE: Senate Moise Jean-Charles ape Depoze en France - Video

Can anyone tell me about his education level? He is just disturbing the people, disturbing the country. more »

Haiti needs to stop protesting against itself

Why don't you go there as well? I think it's time to stop protesting against ourselves. We need stability,we are disturbing our future, the future of our children, the future of... more »

RE: Transforming Route Nationale #1, Port-au-Prince To Cap-Haitian, into Highway

Great for us, let's go Haiti. Sa n paka fè la. more »

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