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Non stop flights between Orlando and Port-au-Prince likely in the near future

The Haitian community has an opportunity in his hands which is no other than the tourism industry. This is the only industry where only minor investments need to be done in order... more »

kardinal tchoul

woooo bon nagya ou di se te legliz katolik ak islamik ki met moun say o tet anba,,,, more »

RE: Voodoo, big social problem in Haiti, according to Cardinal Chibly Langlois

Here's the flipside "If a person is well educated and has the financial means, they will go to a doctor rather than a Houngan when they are sick" but at the end they do what... more »

RE: Next Electoral Council In Haiti, Will It Be Permanent Of Temporary?

I believe only a Dictatorship is good for Haiti. This is a country where its own enemies are inside. The biggest problem for Haiti is Haitians. The only way this country will go... more »

Re: President Michel Martelly Has American And Italian Citizenship, So...

What I would like some of us to do, is to take a look at this so call "U.S passport" of the president, in which he is portrayed with a full head of hair. Can anyone tell me the... more »

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