600-Pound Haitian Woman Dies; Fight Vs. Obesity Documented

Obesity has taken the life of Dominique Lanoise, whose fight and struggle against being overweight was documented. In a documentary produced by television show TLC, it can be seen how the 40-year-old Haitian woman spent the last few months of her life trying to lose weight.


Dominique Lanoise, who was living in Miami, Florida, weighed 625lbs, preventing her from walking and moving too much. She was virtually imprisoned in her own house for almost 20 years because she couldn't even get out of her own bed. No clothes can fit her and that was why she was only covered in sheets. Her daughters took turns in feeding, washing and caring for her.

Lanoise was a candidate for a stomach surgery that can potentially save her life. However, the doctors will operate only if she trims down her weight to 500lbs, which is the safe and reasonable number for such a surgery. Given this, her doctor, Oscar Hernandez from the Southern Bariatric Center in Miami, put her on a diet program. Within ten months of doing the program, the patient came close to reaching her target weight. However, she slipped up and gain more weight four months later.

The doctors were disappointed and devastated when they found out that Lanoise failed to hit the target for the surgery because it meant that she couldn't undergo the operation. Hernandez talked to Lanoise, telling her that she will die in her bed if she wouldn't help herself and strictly follow the diet program. Lanoise, on the other hand, admitted to cheating, saying that she continued to eat Haitian food and sprinkle them with appetite-suppressing powder. Apparently, the powder didn't work because she still felt very hungry and thirsty.

Lanoise eventually had the operation but died in March after falling ill in her home.

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Subject: 600-Pound Haitian Woman Dies; Fight Vs. Obesity Documented edit

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