A radio Host said: "I am HIV Negative because I don't mess with Haitian Women"

This is the latest insult on the Haitian community. A Radio host in New York city said on the air that: "The reason I am HIV Negative is because I don't mess with Haitian Women". The DJ who made the joke is Luis Diaz, a controversial radio host at radio station HOT 97 in Manhattan.


Many leaders in the Haitian community gathered outside of the studio of radio station HOT 97 to protest the comment made by Radio host Luis Diaz, with his personality name: DJ Cipha.

Later, the DJ apologized for his comments; however the leaders of the Haitian community in New York refused to accept his apology and demanded that he be removed from the radio station, according to manhattan.ny1.com

Do you think this is a classical case of racism against Haitian?

With a name like s Luis Diaz, who is obviously Hispanic, how can he feel so comfortable making racism jokes against another ethnic group?

Do you think he should be fires from the Radio station?

Your opinion counts. Please comment

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Lovely Antoine says...

Actually, what he had said is not affecting only the Haitians population over the world, is also being disrespectful to all humans affecting by the disease, however people makes mistake, he could the a joke but over disgrace of others that is completely unacceptable by educated people who have tactful and respectful.

Like i said before all humans are subject to errors or mistakes and being called to repair, by learning by them, so if he gets suspension i think is a fair consequence, and apologizing is the best he could do, this is not easy to take back always your words, we Haitians we also have to be compressible, we always in situation where others come forward for us. Remember January 12', I'm sure he did

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J.ducarmel says...

we should not be that hard on the journalist but ask him to spend one hour every day on broadcasting to his listeners the real facts about hiv in

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Manmanou says...


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Vladimir says...

Luis Diaz, knows and understanding what he said what he mean fuckin stupid nonsense should be moved from this radio

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Giolloni says...

I am thankful to all who have shown their support, but that can be it because the radio station release a statement stating they are not going to fire the DJ. So they need to pay because what they are doing is making those behaviors

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Rita Gilles says...

yes he shall be fired common we r in 2010 we shall not accept s.like this

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No Name Warrior says...

Ignorance comes from lack of education.

This radio personality is obviously ill educated and has not taken the time to learn or research the origin of the HIV/AIDS virus.

Apparently, this virus has been in the United States since the 60's. This fact was researched and proven by Dr. G. Medical Examiner.

In my opinion AIDS/HIV is a virus that came to being following an experiment that went horribly wrong.

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Maryline says...

He should be removed from this job. I don't understand how come spanish people think that they are white.

I'm really against his comment.

Its time for haitia women stand for their right and stop being against each

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Rose says...

he should be removed from his job, He is a redneck and racist and his joke is

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Giolloni says...

The Haitian community have stood aside for too long allowing idiots to say anything they want regarding Haitians.

Is time for the haitian organizations, and Haitians as a hole to stop those idiots from making those stupid comments.

This idiot should be made example of so others will understand we are no longer going to allow those stupid comments.

Haiti, the Haitian people have been through too much this year, too

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