Abortion or Birth after Rape

The instances of rape have been at its highest in recent years. It has been considered as one of the most heinous crimes that could ever be committed, especially to women. Rape has destroyed thousands of lives of women, mostly young girls, as they will forever hold the painful memory of having been forced into intercourse against their will. Most of them who went through this traumatic ordeal have lived a life of shame and depression, even resulting to committing suicide and throwing their life away by different means such as prostitution. What makes matters worse for some victims is that the crime committed to their bodies has sprung with the possibility of a life growing inside their bellies.


Rape victims often feel in the early stages of knowing they have been impregnated by their rapists that they would have to get rid of their future offspring through abortion. Abortion is yet quite a controversial alternative for some so they instead would go forward with their pregnancy and once their offspring is born, they give them up for adoption.

There are two factors which encourage impregnated rape victims to go for abortion or adoption. One is that they feel that they cannot imagine being a mother to a child that was formed out of rape. Another is that they might not love their child because the child may be forever a reminder of what happened to them.

What these women don't realize is they could regret giving up their child. There have been women who regretted their undertaking of abortion or adoption more than their experience of being raped because in the end, motherly instincts of love and care would take over.

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