Adulterated alcohol killed at least 10 in Haiti

Since last Sunday several people have become victims of poisoning in Haiti after ingestion an adulterated alcohol. So far medical authorities at the State University Hospital have registered more than 10 dead resulting from this adultered Clairin and also several victims with symptoms of poisoning such as vomiting, severe headache, stomach ache and loss of vision. An investigation of the adulterated clairin is now underway by Haiti Minister of Health to determine the nature of this fatal alcohol.


Haitian Kreyol:

Frelate alkòl touye omwen 10 moun an Ayiti

Depi dimanch pase, plizyè moun te viktim anpwazonnman an Ayiti apre yo te bwè yon alkòl frelate. Se konsa, otorite medikal nan Lopital Inivèsite Eta te anrejistre plis pase dis moun ki te mouri paske yo te bwè Clairin sa epi tou plizyè viktim ki gen sentòm anpwazonnman tankou vomisman, maltèt grav, doulè nan vant ak pèt nan vizyon. Yon ankèt sou clairin frelate an sou pye pa Minis Sante pou detèmine nati alkòl fatal sa.

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Subject: Adulterated alcohol killed at least 10 in Haiti edit

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