Galerie Monnin in Petion-Ville

Mr. and Mrs Roger Monnin are the people behind Galeria Monin. The history goes back to 1947 when the couple found settlement in Haiti. Both were previously based in Jura, Switzerland.


Galerie Monin was dedicated in 1956 at 382 Boulevard Jean Jacques Dessalines in Port-au-Prince.

The Gallery got a significant boost in 1968 when the founders Mr. and Mrs Roger Monnin were joined by their two children; Michel and Lena.

In his efforts and his desire to branch out from the sacred or vodou art Michel worked with the new generation artists to produce painters of the Galeria Monnin School.

Another remarkable achievement of the Galeria was in 1987 when the Galeria Monnin was opened at 19 Rue Lamarre in Pétionville. A workaholic painter Frantz Zephirin joined Michel. While Michel did the paintings his workmate did the texts required for exhibitions.

In 1994 Roger Monin died and was replaced by Toni Mosesman, a Texan beauty, as the director of the gallery.

In the same year, 1994, the third generation of Monnins came to the play with Pascale Monnin coming back to Haiti and booking herself a place as a contemporary artist.

Gael, Pascale twin sister and a computer science and public relations specialist joined efforts to see that the gallery progressed.

Galleria Monnin has been around for more than 50 years and has been a representation of Haitian artistic culture.

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