My Hat off to Macy's for supporting Haitian Art

One company that wants to make a difference in Haiti is Macy's.


The Haitian art in display at Macy's stores

The American corporation has developed the "Heart of Haiti" Art project in an effort to support the Haitian artists affected by the Haiti earthquake of 2010 to become self sufficient.

What a gesture from a big corporation.

My experiences and all I have so far heard about big corporations is totally contrary to what Macy's is currently doing in Haiti.

Haven't you heard that bid corporations have no heart; that they only care about the bottom line.

It was reported that in Cite Soleil, Jacmel and Croix-des Bouquets, because of this project form Macy's, the artists are back in business full force.

Papier mache, canvas, recycled metals are in high demands since Haitian artists of all types are collecting them to create their artworks.

Macy's does not expect to make huge profit with the "Hearth of Haiti" project.

A small profit or to break even is all the company is expected from it.

In the meantime, for the Haitian artists creating the products, this is a big deal.

It is estimated this program had already created jobs for 350 Haitian artists directly, with financial benefits to an additional 5,000 people who benefited indirectly.

Although a large number of corporations are not corporate citizens, that they do not care about people, I will make the exception in this case for Macy's.

This company was not satisfied with only to give a donation to an organization responsible to collect money for the victims.

Macys' went beyond to get involved directly in trying to change the condition of the Haitian people.

I don't know who wrote this but a wise man said" If you give a man a fish, you feed them for a day; If you teach a man to fish, you feed them for a lifetime" What do you think about the "Heart of Haiti" program initiated by Macy's following the earthquake?

Do you think it would have been better to give the money to the Haitian government so that they can help the people?

What do you think the Haitian artist community should do in order to keep the program alive for years to come?

Please comment.

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Sinvrius Alexis says...

good luck to haitians artits who will have the opportunity to work with hope in order to feed their family and save litle money for the

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Sinvrius Alexis says...

Haiti est un pays qui possede beaucoup de potentialite artistiques et culturelles.

Nos artites se sont livres a eux-meme.Pas d'encouragement aupres du ministere de la culture.

Avec l'initiave de Macy's je vois deja un chambardement dans l'art culturel haitien.

J'espere que nos artits vont profiter de cet appui financier pour consolider leur meter et encouragent le touriste local et international a venir voir ce qu'ils sont capables de

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Beartice Y says...

There are so many ways that we can benefit with this initiative from Macy's in Haiti.

This project will open the eyes of other companies to see what are available in Haiti.

We need major hotel chains to accommodate the tourism industry that we want to bring to Haiti so much. This is a treasure to the country, no matter how bad we have abused our environment.

I see Haiti environment as a beautiful woman who will always remain beautiful, no matter how many time she has been abused by her mother, father, husband, neighbor, etc
It is about time we stop the abuse and start putting some beautiful dresses on her to her her display her natural beauty to the

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Fen Jen says...

You speaks my soul, my burning desire, your are in point, your views are share deeply.

Way to

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Fen Jen says...

After everything I saw the Chileans do with the help of the International Community, I could not stop thinking of my own people overcoming their own problems.

I applaud Macy's who's doing this fine job with the haitian artist and their upper echelon arts!

This must be a prelude to welcome all other big corporations to do the same in another sector, to promote haitians finest production, which will automatically creating new jobs, to lift up the country from it ashes like a true Phoenix and becoming again what we've always been: "La perle des Antilles" Go Haiti, Je t'aime, et je t'aimerai toujours!

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Sergio St.hilaire says...

I think this is such a great news that every Haitian should encourage and welcome.

I personally applaud Macys for making a huge difference in Haiti by creating employments in the country.

Imagine the impact if several big corporations decided to invest in the poorest country of the Hemisphere.

I hope Haitian people understand that the presence of this prestigious corporation in Haiti means a lot. Not only they will help develop the country, but also, they will invite other big corporations to do the same in order to make a difference and help a country that really needs a helping hand. Macy's should be the Haitian's choice all over the world.

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Jean-rene B. says...

Just like macy's and other big multi corporations.

do Haitians own any of these businesses?

The Haitian leaders have been stealing for so long from this little country, however, they have nothing to show for.

Big businesses like Macy's and others not only are owned by reach but progressive foreigners who will not be satisfies only in grabbing from the mass, but also are interested in using this wealth for common good.

I wish I could say things like this to our former

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Charlemagne says...

Historically yes we are a great nation our leader do not portrait or reflect that greatness I'm a very optomistic person if we accept to go back to basic yes we will succed.

surrender our soul to GOD that the only gesture we need.Yes we

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Magloire says...

Haiti will survive.

We were a great nation and we will become a great nation again.

This action taken by Macy's to invest in the Haitian economy and more specifically Haitian artists is an act that we Haitian will always remember.

The possibilities and potential for Haiti are endless, only if the country can get its act together.

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Jocelin P. says...

It is about time these big corporation help the little people.

We are waiting for other big businesses like Macy's to do some good deeds.

I know many businesses helped Haiti during the earthquake.

However, for the amount of money these guys took from the little people, they can do much more. What about Wallmart.

This corporation that has been taking advantage of us for so log. The have been getting rich onour

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