Voodoo Flag, a unique Haitian art

Voodoo flags are a significant form of art that define the Haitian art industry. Haitian flags depict a combination of several African beliefs and cultures. Voodoo flags have the history of the enslavement of Africans in Haiti. The art also brings on board the influence of Catholicism and Jamaican and Cuban cultures.


The Caribbean country had colonizers French and Spain take over in 1600s. The two colonies improved economic activities in the region. Demand for slave workers increased and more slaves were brought in from Africa.

The slave numbers increased until they outnumbered the colonizers. The slaves staged the only organized and successful slave revolt which led to independence.

Voodoo flags were birthed out of this history. The flags are a mixture of the different African cultures who were enslaved in Haiti.

Voodoo flags are based on popular myths and legends. They combine dazzling color shades and images that have become a popular art in the global market.

They are a ritual symbol and they include ritual drawings. The piece of art also includes masonic symbols accompanied by images of mermaids and those of catholic saints. Voodoo art expose gods and ancestors in their present manifestation.

The art is used in religious ritual activities.

Voodoo practitioners believe in the mediation of Iwas in the solving of daily problems. The attention of Iwas is sought by the use of Drapo images and symbols. A drapo image is supposed to anthropomorphically or geometrically represent a specified Iwa during the Voodoo ritual.

Drapo artists design works of art to represent specific Iwa and the flag is an indication that Iwa lives inside Voodoo faithful.

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