Blackjack Player Options

When it comes to playing blackjack, a player has several options with his or her hand in order to ensure victory. First, whenever the player has a blackjack hand while the dealer does not have, the player automatically wins the game and vice versa. But if both have a blackjack hand, it will be a tie called a "push". When neither no blackjack hand, each player has to play out his or her hand consecutively, with the dealer playing last.


When playing blackjack, a player has about five options when dealing with his or her card. One is drawing another card when not satisfied with the card on hand called "Hit". The opposite of this is the "Stand". This involves is not taking any more cards. The player could also do a "Double Down", which involves the process of doubling the wager, taking another card, and then stand.

Then there's the "Split", when a player has cards of the same value and decides to make an additional wager that will make each card be the first card in a new hand. And last is the "Surrender" where the player decides to forfeit half of his and give up his hand to the dealer. This is often not used in casinos where blackjack is played.

To know when a player's turn is over, there are three scenarios. The first one is when he or she decides to stand. The second is when the player "busts", which involves the player losing even if the dealer also busts. The last scenario is he or she double down and gets another card.

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