Allegation that Senator Edwin Zenny (Edo) spits at Judge Bob Simonis' Face

The first Senator of Southeast, Edwin Zenny, was unable to control his anger last Saturday. He actually committed one of the most despicable act to a fellow Haitian. While judge of Peace in Jacmel, Bob Simonis and Professor Pierre Lucien participated in a radio show hosted by the journalist Etzer Pierre, he got involved in an exchange with the first senator of South-East, Edwin Zenny (Edo) who was not invited into the show.


Senator Zenny who is a close ally of President Michel Martelly called judge Bob Simonis a thief on the radio station, following the release of these four individuals. As you can imagine, the situation got worse. Ultimately, according to report, Senator Edwin Zenny, not being able to reach judge Bob Simonis to punch his face, did the next best thing. According to reports in all the media, he would collect mucus and spit on the face of judge Bob Simonis. Professor Pierre Lucien who was seating close by the judge also received a good portion of the Senator's spit as well.

According to witnesses, a lot of pointed words were exchanged between the two. Judge Simonis declared that the Senator told him: "You have to respect a mulatto, Edo Zenny know you, but not the Senator Zenny. I'm white, and you're negro." There were some name calling and talking about each other's Mama.

That was a mistake for the two to talk about each other's Mama!

For a typical Haitian, there are two things you should never do if you are not looking for trouble: One, you do not spit on his face. Second, you do not talk about his MaMa.

Senator Edwin Zenny should claim a plead of not guilty by reason of insanity

I have some tips I want to share with the first Senator of Southeast, Edwin Zenny, or any other "Edwin Zenny: outhere who may have similar anger management problem:

Anger is a natural emotion. However, getting to the point where it becomes uncontrollable such as in the case of domestic abuse, road rage, workplace violence and spitting on someone are a few of the external examples of the results of poor anger management. Humans and animals who are angry for example make loud sounds, attempt to look physically larger, bare their teeth, and stare. These behaviors associated with anger are designed to warn aggressors to stop their threatening behavior.

Anger is like a pressure cooker: we can only apply pressure against our anger for a certain amount of time until it explodes. Anger needs to be expressed but aggressive displays of anger can result in violent eruptions that further hurt you socially, mentally, and physically.

How to avoid becoming angry in the first place:

One, avoid deal with anger-provoking people.

Check your speech and impulses and be aware of particular sources of personal irritation

Try as best you are able to put yourself in the place of the other person, trying to understand his motives

Daily self-inquisition about one's bad habit is also very helpful to get a handle on poor anger management problem

Dealing with anger: Sometimes you just need to vent. Finding a safe place to act out your anger can relieve the majority of your stress, calming you enough to solve the real problem at hand. Scream your head off. Buy a punching bag. Breath Deep. Count to ten, if very angry, to one hundred. Leave the place, take a walk. Learn to act and not react.

When life hands you a lemon, look at the positive site; you can make lemonade

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Lyfe A Theoc says...

Zenny is ignorant on his part and that comment shows his education level, Obama is black so when did you become white Zenny.

That same brainwash mentality is the reason why we as black people continue to suffer..


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Sr says...

I don't know what the law in Haiti says about senators being above the law. I do say that the judge should call the senator in court and have him humiliate himself in excuses.

I do not know which one was to be considered white.

I do know that the Haitian Constitution makes all Haitians Black, no matter which complexion.

To say the truth: "This senator deserves at least one month in

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Dora says...

Shame on Edo who call himself an white man. Sil t konn histoire li mwen pa kwe li tap bay tet li definiton sa. En plus etant que yon moun yo mete nan seant, mwen pense li ta montrer li te al

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Subject: Allegation that Senator Edwin Zenny (Edo) spits at Judge Bob Simonis' Face edit

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