Blackout at Michel Martelly Swearing-in caused by act of Sabotage

Can you believe this? Someone actually cut the electric wire with a machete to cause the blackout during the inauguration of Michel Martelly.


According to Edmond Mulet, preliminary investigation for the power outage or the blackout that occurred on Saturday, during the inauguration of Michel Martelly was a premeditated act and was done as an act of sabotage.

Someone actually thinks the best thing to do is to destabilize the event by causing a blackout.


Edmond Mulet stated that the electric cables that were supplying electricity to the building where the ceremony took place were cut with a machete.

Please help me to understand this!

As a Haitian, the day of the inauguration was one of the few days I was proud of my country Haiti. Finally, we were able to make a peaceful transition from one government to another.

Everyone was beautiful.

The moment I was most proud of was during the ceremony, as former president Rene Preval was seating beside the new president Michel Martelly in a friendly environment.

For someone, most likely a Haitian, not to think about anything else in a moment like this but an act to disturb the event; he must be a very sick person.


Do we really have people that sick living in haiti?

Do you think someone like the one who tried this act of sabotage is one of the exception and that most Haitians are positive and loving people?

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Rodolphe Schomberg says...

Je souhaite qu'on trouve les coupables et les punissent...

Il faut apprendre a respecter passivement la volonte du peuple.

On n'a pas necessairement a l'aimer mais il faut le respecter.

Tel est le lot des

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Florence says...

How stupid and ignorant can someby(ies) be?

It's about time that we try to do the right thing.

When are we going to realize that it's shouldn't be about an individual but all about our COUNTRY.

For God sake let's, for once, use our common sense and give the Country a chance.

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Lucien says...

The lack of knowledge for good and beautyful display was the mere reason why someone would sabotage such an event.

It is almost impossible for someone to cut live electricity with a machete especially such powerful voltage.

But whatever the method or means employ by the culprits it is anyway a crime against progress and against all Haitian who were celebrating a day of peaceful power transition in this power strugle and hungry nation.

I wish the new president wisdom and patience in his quest to establish equillibrum to this impoverish

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Juliiot says...

They just remind the president that the first thing to do is to take care of the electricity.

People are tired to live in such...I am sorry, i do not have any words for

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Torry Jean-baptiste says...

Pretty simple for me who's standing in the diaspora, it 's an other proof that president Martelly will have a lot of opponents who will try to stop him from taking off Haiti off that miserable situation who leat for to long already.

I personelly endorse president Martelly run to the presidency but now, with all thoses crazy peoples standing agains him I deeply hope he will prouve them by not getting into their games that he will bring the "Change" that we almost all want for the country.

If not it will the same pathern as his predecessors! But for now I still a have

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Basdos says...

Actually, this act of sabotage was done to make Martelly, not Preval look bad and a message that some people do not want him and the changes he would like to implement, finish with business as usual and curruption as usual.

Do you know who they are?

They call themselves the opposition party.

What are they opposing against?

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Rosier says...

This is an act of a "vagabond', very very sick. However for Mullet to say that the cable was cut with a machete; I am very skeptical because we're talking about a lot of voltage and also remember it was the same Muller who told us that the election was good when everybody even the president was calling for

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Remise J. says...

Thjis imbecile should go back and live in a cave. I hope the justice system in Haiti can find someone like this because he or she does not have the right to live in a society.

I guess we still have Haitians who are at the animal level

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Serge P. says...

I hope this person who did that can have the opportunity to go back and do a self-reflect.

Because i believe if you don't love yourself, Live is hell.

Mostlikely that person does not know what happiness is

I can only feel sorry for someone like

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Rene Charles says...

Only the plan of the new President Michel Martelly can solve the problem.

Haitian need to be educated in so many ways. They, need to learn to love their country.

Most Haitian know how to love other countries like America, France, canada.

However the most important thing is for them to loved this country of

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