RE: Blackout At Michel Martelly Swearing-in Caused By Act Of Sabotage

Torry Jean-baptiste - May 17 2011, 6:50 PM

Pretty simple for me who's standing in the diaspora, it 's an other proof that president Martelly will have a lot of opponents who will try to stop him from taking off Haiti off that miserable situation who leat for to long already.

I personelly endorse president Martelly run to the presidency but now, with all thoses crazy peoples standing agains him I deeply hope he will prouve them by not getting into their games that he will bring the "Change" that we almost all want for the country.

If not it will the same pathern as his predecessors! But for now I still a have faith!

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Blackout at Michel Martelly Swearing-in caused by act of Sabotage

Can you believe this? Someone actually cut the electric wire with a machete to cause the blackout during the inauguration of Michel Martelly...

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